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Published July 30th 2020 in News by Jannah Dryden

What if I told you worrying was a form of prayer? Would you still do it?

Does it make you sit up in your seat?

I ask Kelly “But what about doing a realistic risk analysis? Isn’t worrying good? Isn’t it planning for the future?”

The first time I met Kelly Vanyai, I was exhibiting Album Registry in its very early infancy at The Baby Summit in Atlanta, USA.

As I watched her move through the trade display area, I remember thinking to myself ‘That woman doesn’t walk - she kind of floats.’

Perhaps she had shorter steps? Was she dancing? I don’t know. But one thing was for certain - she moved differently.

Kelly shared this with me….

“If you had asked me who I was 20 years ago, I would have been in a ‘state’ of someone who was angry and resentful at the world. Because of my upbringing, I had all these stories about who I was and who my mother was. And I became locked into this being; this identity of who I ‘thought’ I was.”

Once we can get to the place of understanding and acceptance of ‘what happened, happened’, the story you tell yourself about moving forward becomes the number one most important factor in your life.

In this month's Yarning with Jannah, Kelly Vanyai shares her incredible wisdom and insight into how knocking back compliments blocks us from receiving INFINITE possibilities and invites us on a free 21 day challenge to open ourselves to receive.

Yes, a compliment. I’m joining this challenge purely because of this classic Jannah line.

Human: “That’s a nice dress, Jannah.”

Jannah: “What!? This old thing? Oh, I’ve had it for years. The hem is falling down. It used to be much brighter. I tend to hold onto and overwear clothes. I don’t go shopping much. I don’t like shopping.”

Join me and a bunch of other champions on this free 21-day challenge 💪🏼


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