3 tips for re-emerging your photography business

Published November 4th 2020 in Photographer Stories , Community Feature by Jannah Dryden

When I emerged from the house after watching all eight seasons of Game of Thrones, it was a little daunting. How do I move on in life now?

I can only imagine how it must feel, emerging after your second lock down, feeling a little anxious and re-adjusting to human interaction again.

This month, I caught up with Emily Black, portrait photographer, AIPP Master Photographer, Vic AIPP President - and the total legend who was at the forefront of getting photographers back to work in Victoria - by lobbying to allow face masks to be removed while having portraits taken.

“When they finally eased the restrictions and were allowing mask free outside portrait photography, I had so many calls from photographers saying ‘OMG there are so many enquiries coming through and I’m not sure I’m ready for all this contact!’ I’ve gotta ease back into human interaction again! Enquiry went through the roof, across the board.”

“I actually think that this whole year has really opened people's eyes to what is important and opened their eyes to what they’re missing out on if they don’t have photos. Value has changed and I just can’t imagine people not valuing photos more from this whole process. Being locked away and disconnected from people, photos have become so important.”

But like emerging from the GOT haze, there are things to consider. Emily shares her top three tips for coming out of lock down

  1. Mental health is key. Don’t take on too much, too quickly. You don’t need to make up for lost time, you’ll burn out. Keep it nice and manageable.

  2. Allow space between sessions. Not just for cleaning, but for adjustment back into it. Make sure you rest.

  3. Organisation - make sure all the paperwork is in order. Have you got your COVID safe plans etc

Emily and the whole team at the AIPP have done an incredible job of building a photographer specific resource library in relation to COVID-19 and everything you need to know about business, restrictions and the road map to opening up.

You can check it out HERE

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