Founded in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, Album Registry is a trusted community of professional photographers and videographers who create online gift registries for their clients.

Whether the special occasion is a wedding, birth or other milestone occasion, Album Registry creates a gift giving space, where family and friends can contribute to a truly meaningful gift, from anywhere around the world.

Our vision

Spread laughter, create unity.

Our mission

To be the world's number one gift-giving option at every milestone occasion.

We value

  • Everyone having access to a professional photographers and videographers.
  • Preserving printed memories.
  • World class aesthetics.
  • Education.
  • Business with purpose.
  • Being nice and using our manners.
  • And a good sense of humour.

Who did this?

Jannah Dryden

Jannah Dryden

Jannah is the founder, director and product designer of Album Registry and owner/photographer of J create Photography, living and working in Cairns, QLD Australia. A solopreneur for close to a decade, Jannah has successfully established and operated three businesses. Passionate about photography and its legacy for individuals, couples and families into the future, Jannah is committed to facilitating access to the images that invoke beautiful memories and secure history.

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Callum Flack

Callum Flack

Callum is a designer who codes. With 16 years experience in software startups, design studios and ad agencies in Brisbane, London, Melbourne and Sydney, Callum now owns Patternworks, a digital creative studio in Cairns, Australia. Amateur musicologist. Following tangents.

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